Cogan Mezzanines & Crossovers

Mezzanines & Crossover Systems

The warehouse mezzanine systems are lightweight, high-tensile materials that may be installed over existing equipment or stored items with a minimum of support columns. The rigid frames are ideal for metal buildings, conveyor support, equipment platforms, in-plant offices, manufacturing activities, walkways or stair tower. Whatever you need to support above the floor level, we can customize the right structure to fit your needs and maximize the usable floor space. Our industrial mezzanines are designed to comply with all applicable building codes including UBC, CBC and IBC as well as meeting specifications demanded in seismically active zones.

Mezzanine Codes & Specifications

We utilize structural square tube columns to save space while creating superior rigidity. All components are designed to facilitate ease of installation. The high-tensile steel framing members and our rigid frame moment-connections allow greater spans and the ability to meet Seismic Zone 4 requirements. Framing systems are designed to meet or exceed local, California and international building code standards. All SCSS™ follow the guidelines of the applicable code agencies ANSI, AISC, ASCE, UBC, CBC, BOCA, SBC, ADA and OSHA.

Mezzanine Catwalk

A mezzanine used as a catwalk for your facility is an efficient and affordable solution when your staff needs to get from point A to point B without interrupting the workflow on the warehouse floor. Our mezzanines are a quick, easy, and affordable way to solve any access problem you may have in your warehouse.

Optimize your work environment and maximize your storage space