Modula OnePick

Modula One Pick combines all the benefits of VLM technology with an integrated robotic system to pick and place boxes or totes. The bay integrates seamlessly with conveyors, belts and other systems. It’s perfect for ecommerce, self-service and automated stores.

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Sophistication in automation

  • Fully automated: With the included picking bay and extractor, the OnePick runs without an operator
  • Extractor removes products in boxes or bins: There’s no need for other assistance or interventions, the OnePick does it all
  • Adjusts automatically to different boxes, bins and containers: The OnePick readily accommodates and retrieves varying weights, volumes, sizes, and dimensions
  • Seamlessly integration: Incorporate it with your current conveyor belts, rollers, AGVs, and AGCs to speed deliveries

Save space, increase operating speed

  • Trim your floor space: Like all Modula VLMs, OnePick reduces your storage footprint
  • Retrieve from multiple rows: OnePick can pull items from different locations in the same tray, regardless of geometry, shape or volume
  • Integrate easily into your company processes: Like other Modula VLMs, OnePick comes with Modula’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) to track processes and inventory
  • Ensure security of stocked products: Fully enclosed to keep items away from unauthorized parties

Flexible and easily modified

  • Four different models: The OnePick is available in four different models of varying widths and payload capacities
  • Adjustable trays to meet your unique needs: Dynamic tray height storage and 1-inch tray adjustability optimizes internal cubic volume
  • Accommodates challenging facilities: Allows the installation of a VLM even in hard-to-reach areas

Optimize your work environment and maximize your storage space

A range of options are available for the Modula OnePick to customize it for different operations. We will help you determine which accessories are best for your situation.

Modula OnePick

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