Safety & Security Cages

Wire partition panels are utilized to configure security cages for any unique application. Although there are standard size panels, there are few limits to the variability and even fewer to the overall size and configuration for the needed application. Wire partition panels can also be used to form free standing barriers for room panel separators, machine guarding single wall room enclosures, etc. Wire partition panels can be woven mesh or welded mesh. Security cages can be configured like any other structure, with interior walls, rooms, separate enclosures including, windows, doors, and accessories.

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Southern California Storage Systems has continued to be the leading suppliers of woven and welded wire partitions for over 10 years. Our modular wire partition system panels allow you to design most any partition or storage configuration to meet your application and security requirements.

Warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities commonly use wire partitions for tool cribs, maintenance cages, and general inventory storage areas. In addition, wire partitions are also utilized in data centers for security and separation of computer servers, to sub-divide facility floor spacing and sensitive/secure material in such industries as law enforcement and pharmaceutical storage needs.

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